How To: Host an Effortless Party

#1 The Informal Gathering

We all have great memories with our friends and families. Most of those memories don’t come from the super formal outfit-planned-way-in-advance type events, but rather the late night wine sessions and Sunday afternoons around the dinner table. Don’t wait for a big event to invite people over, celebrate the small stuff. It’s less pressure and usually more fun.

#2 Create an Area for Drinks

After preparing the first drink for a guest upon arrival, make it known they are welcome to serve themselves for the rest of the party. Show them an area where they can re-fill anytime they want. By doing so you avoid the awkward situation where someone sits around with an empty glass because they don’t want to rummage through your cabinets. Wether you’re serving coffee, tea, wine, or cocktails guests will instantly feel welcomed and at home.

#3 Don’t Stress about the Food

Don’t use cooking as an excuse to postpone the party. If you have time to prepare a sit-down dinner then by all means go for it, but if you only have an hour to swing by Trader Joe’s that works too. The real key is to set out everything out on serving platters, cutting boards, and place in an area where people can stand around and graze. If you do end up going for store bought food, just take the extra ten minutes and remove the uninspiring store packaging. It makes all the difference.

#4 Music

With the never ending ways to stream commercial free music these days, there is no excuse for a silent party. Even the most relaxed get-togethers can benefit from music playing in the background. Music always warms the space and fills in any awkward silences when your first guests begin to arrive. Perhaps most importantly, it sets the tone and mood, you can use this to your advantage when trying to create a specific atmosphere.

#5 Designated Place for Coats and Bags

This can be as simple as a front closet, or the staircase if your home is tight on space. Giving people an area to keep their things helps keep your home clean and clutter free for people to relax. They will be able to visit with each other without tripping over purses and constantly moving coats out of chairs.

#6 Get rid of the clutter!

We all have that unfinished craft project, a load of laundry waiting to be folded, or a junk drawer that has expanded to the corners of your kitchen. Do yourself, and your guests, a favor by placing all your clutter into a tote bag and hiding it in your closet for the party. Clutter can actually create a stressful environment and undo all the hard work you have previously done setting up for your guests.

#8 Pour Yourself a Glass & Relax

Right before the guests arrive turn on the music, light the candles, and pour yourself a glass of whatever you’re drinking. You want to relax and let yourself know it’s time to enjoy. You also want to be ready for hostess duty as soon as the door bell rings and not frantically running around trying to do all these things 30 minutes into your event.

Joy Kennedy