Our Planet's Waste Problem & How to Help

According to a study by Columbia University, Americans trash seven pounds of material per person every single day—that’s 2,555 pounds of material per American every year.


Producers make more money when consumers buy new goods instead of fixing old ones. Some consumers pay the same amount for trash pick-up no matter how much garbage they leave on the curb. And profits for waste haulers and landfill operators increase when the amount of garbage they collect goes up. 

So what can we do as individuals to break this cycle?

  • Fewer, Better Things. What’s worse than having a bunch of stuff around your house that’s all falling apart? Whether it’s a shirt, a toaster, or a bookshelf, if it’s broken and it’s cheap you’re probably going to throw it away. You don’t have to spend tons of money to purchase quality products, it just takes a little research and some self restraint. Would you wether have 5 polyester sweaters that will start unraveling after a few washes or 1 cashmere sweater you could keep for a decade at least?

  • Buy Vintage, Recycled, or Repurposed items. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and there are so many beautiful things out there not ready for the garbage. Support your local vintage stores and treasure shops or shop online for furniture at places like Chairish.com or Galerie Nine 16.

Joy Kennedy