Can Vintage Save the Planet?

galerienine16_reuse reduce recycle.jpg

People buy vintage and antique items for all sorts of reasons. Some people are collectors, others love the thrill of the hunt, and some pride themselves on the uniqueness it provides.

But there’s an even better reason to buy vintage – sustainability.
Buying pre-owned items, no matter how you label them, puts “reduce, reuse and recycle” into action.
Incorporating vintage and antique items into our lifestyle addresses the three major elements of sustainable practices. We create less demand for newly manufactured items and we give new life to pre-existing “stuff” that could otherwise end up in a landfill.

Another benefit of purchasing vintage is that these pieces often retain their value, and you can resell (or recycle) them instead of throwing them away in the future.

Vintage and antique items are meant to last for generations.
Unlike many fast-factory new things, which are enjoyed today and in the trash tomorrow, unique pieces tell a story and add meaning to your life, they are more likely to be cared for and passed down rather than tossed away when the trends change.

The next time you’re in the market for home goods or furniture, consider buying pre-loved, vintage, or antiques. You’ll find something special and help do your part for the planet as well.

Joy Kennedy